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You will need:

Board (see album artwork or click here for downloadable link)

Cards (downloadable link here)

Full Rules (downloadable link here)

Also a dice, some counters/tokens or coins, a printer and some friends!

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So, this is  a ‘take that’ kind of game – that heavily features interpersonal ‘politics’ and tactics and social interactions… can ‘help’ or ‘hinder’ others in the game – a bit like real life!!

It’s a lot of fun to play – it includes elements of all sorts of games -  strategy, cyclical board, cards that instruct play, social dynamics, dice rolling…

Characters and cards are based on the ‘Game of Faith’ tracks and lyrics!

“Game of Faith” - Track listing / game characters


1. Game of faith - “The everyman” (wild card)

2. Bad girl, good woman -  “The accomplice”

3. I don't love him - “The ex-Lover”

4. I drank - “The broken-hearted drunk”

5. Prosecco-fuelled profiles - “The serial dater”

6. Trinidad - “The gold digger”

7. Red velvet pillow - “The spoilt brat”

8. Happy nowhere - “The contented dreamer”

9. Misshapen fruit - “The tenacious survivor”

10. Its not love - “The friend with benefits”

11. Float to blue - “The loyal friend”

12. Spoke in the wheel - “The one-night stand”

13. Like I do - “The commitment-phobe”

14. His arms - “The believer”


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To give you the heads up, here is the quick start guide to play  - for full details, rules and concepts – download the rulebook from the link which will be coming soon.


The goal of the game is to move your character one full revolution around the cyclical board, before anyone else. Each player has a random start point, but must travel clockwise around the board to reach their starting point as fast as possible. This is accomplished by playing cards that have a variety of effects, including moving multiple players, stealing cards, switching places with another player, and so on.


1. Take all of the “character” cards out of the deck, identified by the green icon at the bottom of the card; deal one to each player, face down

2. Each player is dealt 3 cards by the player on their right

3. Each player is allocated a start point by the player on their right

4. The youngest player takes the first turn by playing a card

5. After their turn, that player then draws cards until they have 3, not drawing if they already have 3 or more cards

6. The next player to the left takes their turn in the same way

7. Repeat step 6 until someone has completed a full clockwise revolution of the board

8. Once a player has completed a revolution, each other player takes one last turn to try and complete their own

9. At the end of the final turn, if a player has completed their clockwise revolution of the board, they are a winner, otherwise they are a loser!


The main non-rules are inspired by the non-rules of the game of faith that the artist defined as part of her album.

Her non-rules are:

There is no limit to the non-rules…and all that there are, will be broken

You can make your own non-rules….and still break them

There is no set judge – you can choose between:

1.) A greater divine judge

2.) Your fellow man

3.) Yourself

There are winners and there are losers throughout the game

You can control some moves, but most are totally out of your control

Your start point, gender, sexual orientation, race or creed is random

Hope you enjoy playing!!


Game devised by Lantana Hewitt C 2019