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We have been working with some very talented creatives recently, most of whom I am related to!!....if you need a designer to help with your artwork, websites, AV requirements, PR campaigns – anything at all for design – check these guys out! 

More info about them all here – to see more of their work – see links! 

Sebastian Lenten - DESIGNER

Contact email: Seb.lenten@yahoo.com 

Brand: SebLenten Design

Services: Graphic artist, Websites, Photography

Links: www.seblenten.co.uk 


Biog: Seb is a multidisciplinary Graphic Designer. 

His passion lies in communicating through design and photography. 

Seb values collaborating with clients to facilitate creative problem-solving. 

His focus is to execute a concept and present it to the audience, in a creative and effective medium, making sure the client requirements are covered in all directions. 

Jahmal Crowe - FILM MAKER

Contact email: jahlaman19@yahoo.co.uk 

Brand: Jahmal Crowe Films 

Services: Event capture, Short films, AV/Photography

Links: https://www.youtube.com/user/JahmalCroweFilms/featured 

SHOWREEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taUq_Cfpcu00

Biog: Filmmaker, Storyteller, Content Creator. 

Whether it's planned or spontaneous, I just enjoy bringing my cameras with me to capture the moments and turn real life into cinematic visuals. 

Follow the journey through my lens. Instagram – @Crowegram @JC_Visuals_ @Tonk_Aesthetics Snapchat – Jahlaman 

Andrew Crowe - DESIGNER

Contact email: blackscene39@yahoo.co.uk 

Brand: T Shirt Griot 

Services: Concept T shirts designer, Visual Artist, AV / Photography 

Links: www.tshirtgriot.co.uk


Biog: Andrew has a varied and fascinating portfolio based on visual arts and design. His work has covered many aspects of performance, production, education and art with diverse participants - from communities in small villages in Africa to sufferers of mental health issues closer to home. He designs for his company ‘T Shirt Griot’ – which specialises in hand printed garments bearing his original artwork, many with messages relating to ethical, topical, health or cultural issues. Andrew has extensive experience in AV, including photographing and documenting the ‘Black to Kemet / Origins of the Afro Comb’ projects in Egypt and The Sudan, with his work exhibited twice at the Fitzwilliam Museum and recently working on videos with Grenfell Survivors fund-raising project. He is also an inspiring drummer, playing freestyle on kit as well as for the forthcoming GRIOT PERFORMANCE ART project, creating cultural development and education through African dance, stories and drumming, for which he is also artistic director. Andrew is a keen campaigner and active promoter of positive images of Black Britons and has worked on several projects relating to the Windrush Scandal and Black History Months. 

Donovan Lenten - ANIMATOR 

Contact email: donovan.c.lenten@outlook.com 

Brand: Dionysian Studios 

Services: Graphic artist, Animations, Drawings 

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSc_8CkXmQM 

Biog: The short film I created for my Art Foundation final project 'I'm Not The One You Want', Which won the DeMontfort University Jo Moore Award, and was the soul nomination for the Fine Art discipline (one of four nominees across five disciplines) for the Christopherson Collection. 

Tackling the issues of anxiety and depression and how they affect one's relationship with friends, family, partners and the people around them, I created this short film using a mixture of rotoscoping with charcoal, live action footage and stop motion techniques over the song 'I'm Not The One You Want' written and performed by myself. 

If you are feeling the effects of depression, anxiety or other mental health issues ask for help. 

Call Samaritans at 116 123 (UK) You are not alone. You are not pointless. 

Alanah Lenten - DESIGNER

Contact email: alanah.lenten@yahoo.com

Brand: Blue Dot Design

Services: Graphic artist, Branding / Kit & Merch PR Campaigns / Social Media 

Links: https://bluedotdesign.myportfolio.com


Instagram tag: @blue.dot.design 

Biog: Graduating from Falmouth University, Alanah received firsts in her final modules for BA Graphic Design. She is currently studying a MSc in Marketing at Exeter University, before progressing onto a second MSc in Management. 

Her dissertation focused on how and why consumers make brand decisions. This project fuelled her burgeoning interest in brand development, design and marketing. Whilst additionally learning how to apply such knowledge to her own graphic design and branding. 

Alanah has special interests in psychology, design and education, She strives to mix design with academia. Believing that each brand, logo, exhibition or concept should teach something new and bring a different perspective to the table. Her strengths lie in idea generation and concept creation, evident through the vast array of work and ideas within her portfolio. 

As kit secretary of the Falmouth Uni Cheerleading Society, Alanah’s role involved a rebranding of the society to market them more ‘professionally’ as an athletics club. Making sure to understand the audience and represent the values that the team upheld, whilst also considering how the designs could be used on multiple media such as competition uniform, other clothing material, print and digital. 

Alanah has also carried out extensive volunteer work. Namely creating atmospheres for collaboration, designing exhibitions on dementia to raise awareness, increasing female engagement in sport and planning workshops for young people on expansive thinking and creativity.